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Something Should Be Know Before You Buy A Sex Doll

1 Which countries can be shipped and which cannot be shipped?  First of all, it is better to know whether the sex doll can be shipped to your country before you buy it. In a nutshell, we can ship in North America and European countries, but not in the Middle East, Africa, South America, and other countries and regions. You can read this article for details. If your country is not shown above, or you still don’t understand, you can directly email our customer service.   2 What does a sex doll contain? Usually, a sex doll order will include a whole doll’s body (it has hands and legs), a separate doll’s head, some free small accessories, such as a wig, a set of clothes, a heating rod, gloves, or cleaning tools, etc (it depends on availability). It should be noted that our dolls are all shaped by makeup, and the clothes and props displayed on the website are only used for doll photography and are generally not part of the order. If you particularly like some additional things in the photo, such as clothes, wigs, accessories, please remember to communicate with us before placing the order, we will assist you to purchase as much as possible to meet your needs.   3 How to place an order of sex dolls? Log in to our website, browse and select the style of the doll, and then determine the doll options, such as head shape, wig, skin color, eyes color, vagina type, foot type,

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