A Perfect Shopping Experience for Flat Chest Sex Doll

— A Real Case From a USA Gentleman

There are many USA people who buy sex dolls now, especially teen flat chest sex dolls, such as AX100F Doll, AX100C Doll, CD108F Doll, etc. What’s more, most of them are very friendly and gentle.

Here is an article about A Real Case From a USA Gentleman, who paid successfully for a  Flat Chest AX100C Doll via credit card on April 2nd, 2018. To protect his privacy, here is a code name W for him, his personal information is in secrecy, and the valuable information is retained furthest. Hope it guides more people to order the dolls they like.

Here are the main communication details.

W 10:41


George 10:42


This is George

May I have your name?

W 10:42


George 10:43

Hi W

How are you now?

W 10:44

I’m good.

I called the credit card company to let them know I’m making a purchase for $1000.00 And I picked my doll out I’m ready to order

(comment on it– WELL DONE, what a wise thing to do!!! Pick the doll out and ready to order. Meanwhile, call the credit card company and inform them to authorize this purchase, and the authorized amount $1000, which is a little more than the order amount of $930. —- Doing so will allow him to complete the purchase and pay for it successfully in the shortest possible time.)


George 10:47

WELL DONE! When you inform your card bank to authorize this order, this payment will be successful soon.

George 10:50

Have you placed an order for your doll yet?

W 10:51

know I’m going to do right now how is the hair and head attached is the doll ready when I get it

George 10:53

Could you tell me your emaill address?

W 10:53


George 10:53

Then I can send you an email about the hair and head attached

W 10:54

thanks then I will order

George 10:56

OK, waiting for some minutes, I am taking some real photos for you

W 10:58

AX100C is the one I’m picking

George 10:59

This AX100C Doll is our new more since January 2018

W 11:02

I picked breast size same as photo 51cm

flat chest

George 11:02

OK, so many people choose the flat chest

W 11:12

I’m going to order now

George 11:12


I have sent your an email with pictures

W 11:12

I got them thanks

George 11:13 

My pleasure. Is that what you want to know?

W 11:14

yes is the wig attached to the head

George 11:17

Great. We will send you two suitable wigs for this small doll. The head and body will be the same skin color


W  11:45

hi gorge

George 11:45

Hi W

George 11:46

Yes, Your payment for Order 134 received NOW

I will arrange its production TODAY. It will be a flat chest same as the photos show

W 11:47

than you

George 11:47

My pleasure

Summarize, for a sex doll order, the most important step is to pick out your doll and ready to order, then call your credit card company and let them know you are making a purchase for $***. Please note that the authorized amount should be $70- $150 more than the order amount, as there are some bank charges. In any case, we only withhold the order amount.

Do you have any problem when paying for a sex doll? Please kindly contact me on chat, leave a message on-site, or send me an email via sales@coodoll.com. Your email will usually be answered within 12 hours. 


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