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COODOLL is a very trustworthy online store, which professional sex doll wholesale and retailer with a full range of love doll. We are specialized in designing, producing, selling adult sex products, headquartered in Guangdong Province, China, the world’s largest doll production base, and there are transshipment centers in major countries, such as the United States, Canada. Nowadays, We are one of the best worldwide partners of China’s top 18 professional real doll manufacturers in China, all of our salable product are 100% of the original brands.

We are not only is a professional supplier of sex doll, more than an important guarantee of your high-quality sexual well-being. you can always relay on our stable team.



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Over the past few years, there have been more and more manufacturers making sex dolls, and there are also a lot of styles available on the market, but the quality is uneven, and there are many online shops with inferior quality, high prices and lack of after-sales service, that has not only caused great financial losses and worries to many overseas customers, but also damaged the overall image of our sex doll industry, and did not take advantage of the healthy development of our industry.

For that, we set up this online store, so that customers can easily buy high-quality and affordable dolls at home, and get a relaxed and pleasant shopping experience. We are always committed to improving our sex dolls’ quality, experience and aesthetic standards, creating and planning beautiful and functional products that people personally want.


 Many things will be changed every year, but our core mission has not changed. Our value lies in our clients all over the world. We make full use of the strong manufacturing capacity of Chinese enterprises, combined with our rich creative design and overseas trade experience, to put the latest and best sex dolls in China online to bring a relaxed, and pleasant shopping experience and product experience for our customers.

Quality over quantity. Another value that we are carrying forward is our commitment to quality higher than quantity. In a disposable world where most things quickly become outdated, we’re doubling down on producing the best sex dolls that will stand the test of time and selling them directly to you.


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GGO Founder

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Many of you have come along with us for this journey for the past years, but we believe there are still many people who have never heard of CooDoll, even solid sex doll, but we are sure they’ll believe and like us soon after they find us.Thanks for introducing us to your friends, family, and co-workers, to enjoy the journey with us.


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