Can I Pay For A Small Sex Doll With Paypal?

There are so many people who ask us before as following.

Can I use PayPal as a payment method?

How about the Payment? Can I pay with Paypal?

I was wondering if you accept PayPal or not? I didn’t see it as an option.


Yes, you can pay via Paypal if you are willing to bear the Paypal handling fees. It equals 4.4% + 0.3 +35 USD. Your order will be arranged for production as soon as possible after your payment got. And we will send you its real photos when it finished before shipping.

Firstly send us an email about the doll details for production and delivery address for shipping. The delivery address includes full name, Phone number, detailed address, postcode. We will write to PayPal to protect you. Then we will tell you my email address which is registered at Paypal. Kindly note that to protecting our PayPal account, please DON’T write any “sex” or any adult words in the Paypal bill. Otherwise, your Paypal invoice will say the payment went to us for paying for a flat-chested sex doll. Oh no, that is terrible, right? Also note, if you don’t want your partner or family to find out dolls are your simple pleasure in your age, it is better to use a different email from the email you use to buy dolls. 

Let’s talk more about the Paypal payment. As we all know, Paypal is very famous in the USA and used extensively in small amounts of online transactions, it is quite a powerful payment tool. Yes, PayPal is a great payment tool for online shopping, I use it to buy some software sometime.

Why not Paypal?

Due to strict account management and random security checks, sellers cannot get funds for up to 180 days, and the Paypal company’s reputation is not good. In fact, Paypal is quite not friendly to us. Paypal is available for my new website, but not recommended. Because of the bad using experiences of Paypal before, I don’t like to use it. Customers who have used it also suggest that I don’t use Paypal to collect payments and advise me to remove the Paypal payment gateway on the website.

The following is our real experience using it before. At the beginning of selling sex dolls online in 2016, honestly Paypal payment is a very helpful tool for us, more than half of our orders are fulfilled through it. However, with the growth of our orders and the increase in the total amount of payment, we received Paypal’s security check, and it became more and more strict. Although all our orders go well, without any disputes, PayPal finally closed all 6 of our collections account, and frozen the total payment of tens of thousands of dollars in it for 180 days!

In addition, PayPal charges high handling fees. If the customer places an order and pays via Paypal, Paypal will charge a handling fee of 35 USD for each transaction when the money is withdrawn from our Paypal account to our domestic bank account, regardless of whether the payment is 100 US dollars or 1,000 USD. In addition to the entry fees of our domestic banks, we have to bear a lot of transaction costs for each transaction for each order. This is too unfriendly to our little seller.

What’s more, as there are many flat chested teen sex dolls on our website, Paypal shut down our collection channels, it is not allowed since 2017. (Paypal is still allowed for those websites with sexy adult dolls( large size with big butt, big breast). Our websites have been shut down time and time again, and so have many peer websites which sell flat chested teen sex dolls.

Here is a Youtube video about 

Paypal, Stripe, Square vs Merchant Account – Which One Is Better – Merchant Account Processing

In the comments under the video, many people complained about Paypal. I organized these main contents into a document. You can look at the attachment.

In a word, I trust you, and all the people who use or want to use Paypal to pay the orders, but I don’t trust the Paypal company anymore, as it has very harsh and unfriendly account management, opaque security checks, and high handling fees.

Attached is a long screenshot of some emails with that customer. In order to protect his privacy, I hid his mailbox. From these emails, you can basically know the use of Paypal and the order status.

If possible, would you like to use other payment methods, such as Western Union(best for us), bank transfer, or credit card with western union?

Frankly speaking, Western Union is the best method for us. It cost fewer handle fees, and the payment will arrive within several minutes after you paid, and then I’ll arrange its production as soon as possible, this will speed up the production and delivery time of your doll. Now there are many orders to be completed, it is better to get in line earlier. Do you think so?

For the safety of the website and a better online shopping experience, I am still looking for better payment methods in the future. It will be highly appreciated if you can get us a good idea about the payment methods. 

Thanks in advance. Team

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