Customize Your Doll

Customize Your Doll

The sex doll is a quite private product, also it is not a constant buying product. So the right picking up of buying them is very important. The question is how to choose the best suitable doll for you? Here is a series of advice about choosing your own best sex doll.

First question, what height of the doll do you want? The doll height means the doll size and weights. Our doll height from 65cm to 170cm, really a wide range to choose from. It depends on the request of you if you are looking for a doll that could be easy to deal with and could be sexually satisfied, and that’s all, then the smaller doll would be better for you. Because it will be easier to move and clean. If you are looking for a accompany and determined to live with her together every day, you will have to consider the suitable height of the doll according to your preference. If you are glad to live with a young girl or a sexy lady, then choose the lifelike size doll, just keep in mind the tall doll will need more carefully maintained, and not that easy to clean and keep as the smaller dolls.

The doll material: The TPE sex doll and silicone sex doll is the 2 mainly sex doll types judging from the material. What’s the difference? The silicone sex doll will be easier to clean than the TPE sex doll due to the difference in material. But the TPE doll with better elasticity. So if the doll is more for display, the silicone doll would be better. If the doll is more for sexual use, I personally think the TPE doll would provide you more durable enjoyment.

For the doll body type, breast, waist, hip, etc. just choose the one you want. But one thing that is easy to be ignored is the length from doll lip to doll vagina. If you are the one who wants to do kiss during making with the doll. you might take this into consideration.

For the doll accessories, I advise the new doll buyer to get as more accessories from the doll sellers because the doll decoration is always not normal size as human clothes. So it might be a little confused to buy suitable clothes to buy, especially for new users.

Anyway, I advise the new doll users to try a small girl sex doll first. with advantages of below points:

The doll could be cheaper than the lifelike dolls.
The doll will be easier to clean and move as it is smaller.
Better to choose the replaceable vagina, because you could change the vagina from a masturbation cup insert if the vagina insert is damaged.
The smaller doll asks for less space to keep it.

Based on the above points. The 100cm sex doll will be one of the best options for the new users if the doll face and body shape is suitable for your preference also. For any further question to the doll, welcome you to leave a message or email us by

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