Delivery & Customs

Delivery & Customs

Can you safely ship all kinds of sex doll including teen sex doll to my home ? Is there any customs problem to me ? Do I have to pay customs fees for my order?

If your address is in the following countries, we can safe ship your order to your home and you do not face customs guys and do not need to pay customs fees.Because we are responsible for customs clearance and pay customs duties by our own name. We take all risk for your order transport!  (we have warehouses in USA, Canada,Europe. After your payment ,we shipping your order to our warehouse and  finish customs clearance,then shipping to your home from there by UPS express. Total shipping time is 15-18 days)

North America: USA ,Canada

Europe: UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia,
Croatia, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark,  Netherlands, Finland,  Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, Czech Republic, Northern Ireland

Asia:China, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Singapore, Malaysia, India
If your address is in the following countries, In accordance with the laws of the products can be smoothly  customs clearance,only need pay customs fees, so before you order, please consult the customs requirements clearly,because you need do customs clean and pay fees by yourself. But we can safe shipping to your country by UPS express or EMS.

Africa: South Africa

Oceania: Australia, New Zealand

North America: Mexico,

South America: Brazil(only accept order dolls under 130cm, because EMS transport limits the weight and size of the package)

Any other country or region that has not been mentioned, please consider the risks of transportation and customs clearance before order !

If you want to buy , please specify the transport channel or transport by yourself , we will not assume the transport risk, thank you .

10-30 us$

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