How Safe Is The Delivery Of Teen Sex Doll?

As you see, most lifelike sex dolls on our website are flat-chested teen sex dolls, and there are many customers around the world like them very much and want to buy them, however, they are very concerned about the delivery, tariffs, and other issues of these dolls. In the previous article, we introduced the countries where we can ship, which countries cannot ship, and the shipping method. Now, this article is devoted to the delivery of teen sex dolls. If you are one of them, congratulations, this article can basically relieve all your worries, buy your favorite doll at ease.  After reading it, you don’t need to read the same article on other websites.

Shipping is very important for a sex doll, especially for teen flat chest and mini sex doll. We will recommend our “Secure Special Line” transportation methods for customers, so they can receive sex dolls discreetly and securely.

For European customers:

To protect European customers’ privacy, we choose a “secure way” for shipping teen sex doll to them: “Secure Special Line”:

Step 1: After receipt of your payment, your order will be shipped by airfreight directly to our warehouse in Hungary and we will use our own name to do custom clear and pay the tax, which means you don’t need to face the customs and pay any tax cost.

Step 2: When your doll arrives at our warehouse, our QC will recheck the package make sure everything is OK, then we call UPS for shipping to the destination, and you can track the package information online after UPS picks up your package. The total shipping time is around 10-15 workdays. One more thing, when your doll arrives in your country, UPS will call you before they shipping your “package”(nobody knows what is inside) to your address, then you can talk with them about the suitable delivery time, so you don’t need to worry about the delivery when you are on travel or not at home to sign for it when it comes.

Suit for the following countries:
UK, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Germany, Denmark, Hungary, Netherlands, Austria, Finland, Italy, Spain, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Northern Ireland.

For USA and Japan customer:
At present no problem with shipping, any doll can be shipped to the USA and Japan securely and secretly. If there is no special requirement, we will arrange a suitable shipping method.

For other places:
Such as Russia, Ukraine, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India, we also have other secure special lines, also including custom clear and tax cost.

For the country beyond the range listed above, please kindly inquiry about our sales and confirm the shipping before placing order.

If you want to see more teen sex dolls, please click “Flat Chest Sex Doll”.

As some countries are not so friendly to small dolls, we choose a secure special line shipping way. The small doll will be sent by UPS/FedEx securely and in secrecy.

The advantage is we will pass customs by own name, pay tax, and take all risk for your order. Then you don’t need to do the customs clearance or don’t need to pay any more cost then. (This is very important for most European buyers). The disadvantage is the small doll is sent by Flight-Delivery first, and the shipping time will be 10-12 days. You can check the tracking information of UPS about 8 days after shipping. Meanwhile, if you need another shipping way please contact me.

If there is any clearance problem, our company will take all the responsibility and nothing to do with buyers.

Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy, without your consent in the case, we will not share your e-mail address, name, and other personal information to tell other trusted traders. Package writes without anything about DOLL. In accordance with our internal security policy, we hold personal information that will be used securely.

1. The packing is a neutral package, no print, only plain brown carton, there is not any product information on the box.

2. If shipping your order by our “Secure Special Line”, we will pass customs by own name, and your personal information will never be seen by Customs officer. What is the most important thing, we will pay tax and we take all risk for your order. Team

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