How To Pay For A Small Sex Doll Via A Credit Card Successfully?

Now online shopping is becoming more and more popular, and security becomes more and more important because all kinds of scammers and scams are indispensable on the Internet. From the feedback of some customers, we are indeed aware of their concerns, because this is a relatively unfamiliar website and the amount of adult doll orders is also very high. Customers are very worried that the seller will run away after payment and not deliver goods, or send some fake products of poor quality, or that their own interests will not be protected in the event of a dispute.

Simply put, before the customer places an order and pays for the first time on a new website, they are very worried about the safety of their money. They don’t know whether the seller can produce and ship on time according to the requirements and whether the quality of the product is guaranteed. We all know that the credit card will independently guarantee the payment security, and will refund the purchaser’s payment in any breach of contract. Therefore, the credit card is a better solution to these concerns, because if the seller defaults, the credit card institution can well protect the interests of the seller.

In order to protect customers’ payment security and better improve their shopping experience, we provide credit card payment methods. Currently, the credit card options available to customers are Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. At the same time, through credit cards, we also protect ourselves from fraudulent transactions. We will not process the customer’s order until we confirm that the customer’s payment information is legal and accurate.

After you submit the order to the shopping cart on the website, you can fill in the order bill address, and choose a credit card to pay directly. It is quite convenient.

A kindly reminder that when new customers pay for their first order with a credit card online, they often fail due to the following reasons:

1 The billing address(including house number and a contact number) is NOT detailed and correct.

2 He doesn’t notify his card issuing bank to authorize the transaction when he places the order.

3 For high-value orders of new customers, if the estimated risk of the order is higher than the risk control point set by the system, the order will automatically fail. (In order to protect the security of transaction funds, our credit card channel risk control system is relatively strict.)

How to makes the credit card payment go through?

1 Make sure your information is correct, then inform your card bank to authorize this transaction.

2 It is better to make an order with one doll, and the price is less than US$2000.(It won’t go through if the order total price is more than US$2000.)

3 If your order payment fails, it is better to repeat the fail order more than 24 hours later and inform your card issuing bank to authorize the transaction.

Your credit card company will receive a payment request from China within 24 hours after your order, The amount will be a little more than your order. The charge company name is not fixed, but it must from china.

4 If the order is rated as “high risk” by the risk control system, you just need to send us a credit card photo, which just only sees the first four and the last six digits of the card number (it is to protect the security of your card). Attached is a photo for reference.

After that, you place the order again and contact your card issuing bank to authorize the order.  Then it will go through soon.

Therefore, if you still want to pay for your order by credit card, please try again at this time tomorrow. Or do you want to pay now by bank transfer or Western Union? (Frankly speaking, the credit card is a great payment method, but there are many handling fees for us, and the bank transfer will be better. Anyway, you can choose which method is convenient for you.)

Of course, in addition to credit cards, you can also use other payment methods, such as Paypal, bank transfer, Western Union, etc. If necessary, feel free to contact us.

Thanks for your effort and we are so sorry for all inconvenience we cause you. Let us know if there have any problems when you try to pay for your order.  

Coodoll Team

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