The Boy Sex Dolls Are Here! Timmy and Jamie Have Arrived!

As we all know,  there are many different types of female dolls on the market, but there are very few male sex dolls, let alone boys sex dolls. However, about 3 years ago, an email from a gentleman’s American customer D (In order to protect the privacy of the customer, let’s call him D for the time being) with special requirements began the prelude to this change…  

The following is the main content of his email.

I am very impressed with your young girl flat chested dolls.  They are very realistic.  I currently have a 140 CM male doll the size of a 12-year-old boy, but it is heavy, hard to move around very easily, and change his clothes.

Do you have any plans on making a small male doll?  I would be very interested and would definitely buy one.

Please replay and advise if you know anyone who makes the small male dolls?


After more than three months of repeated communication with dozens of emails, we finally selected an existing female doll and transformed her into our first boy doll Timmy (SM12842T). Later based on his feedback, we will continue to make changes.  In addition, under his suggestion, we transformed the second boy doll Jamie (AX12814J). Customers D took a lot of photos of these two dolls and wrote a good review article. What’s more, he shared these photos and articles with me free of charge and was very happy to let me post them on the website so that more people would know and appreciate them.

The following is a comment he wrote, which is about the  Boy Doll comparison between Timmy Vs. Jamie.

Have you always wanted a realistic small male doll, but all the ones available were too large and weighed too much?  Here is the answer Timmy SM12842T and Jamie AX12814J are very realistic, lifelike, young boys, the height of 8 years old boy.  Timmy weighs 35 lbs. and Jamie weighs 37 lbs.  

Timmy – Was the first young boy prototype and is more petite, thinner in body, arms, legs, chest, hips, and waist.  His head is also smaller.  His skeleton joint structure is more rigid and sometimes very hard to pose in most positions.  You have to use more pressure to adjust the legs, torso, and head in the desired position.  His arms and legs do not have as much body mass to them.  The fingers are extremely thin and sometimes the wires will come through the skin.  You can put them back in place, but this is a drawback.  He is two pounds lighter than the other doll, so not very noticeable.  The skin texture on both dolls is very good, as is the flesh tone color.  Make sure you order the removable vagina, so you can take advantage of all the different penis dildos.  At present, you can get 4 inches erect or soft limp and 3 inches erect or soft limp.  Also, make sure you get the standing doll, as both dolls do not have any skeleton structure in the front of their feet and toes.  He is very easy to stand and stay in position. Although this is the size of an 8-year-old boy, he is extremely skinny and his waist only measures 22 inches.  Even wearing size 7 boys US clothing, they are loose and he will need a belt for pants.  

Jamie Boy – Also, the size of an 8 years old boy.  However, Jamie is much fuller in body mass, chest, hips, waist, legs, and arms.  His waist is 24 inches.  He wears both boys 7 and 8 US clothing and they fit snug on him.  This doll is a major improvement from the first one.  It more resembles a normal healthy boy.  The joint structure is vastly improved.  It is very easy to pose and adjust this doll in almost any position you can imagine.  He can sit, bend, crosses his legs, stands, crawls, any way you desire.  His fingers have more mass. You never have to worry about the wires coming through his fingers.  His head is fuller and larger.  This makes it easier to get him a wig that fits.  In ordering a wig, get a 6 inches kid wig and attach it to the head with double-sided wig tape.  Both dolls, do lose their eyelashes easily, so buy short lashes the color of the hair you desire and attach them with superglue, to prevent them from ever coming off.  I am extremely pleased with the Jamie boy doll.  I like buying him different outfits and dressing him up.  He is very easy to dress.  Make certain you order the removable vagina, so all the above-mentioned boy accessories will fit him, use water-based lubricant. Both dolls wear size 11 US little boys’ shoes.  One drawback of Jamie is because he is so possible and adjustable, you need to be a little more careful in getting him to stand up on his own.  But, overall, Jamie is the far superior doll.  As more people become interested in the younger boy dolls, I am sure the next generation young boy is now on the drawing board, right now.  Technology will only continue to advance to one day they will become robotic and can talk to use, with artificial intelligence.  Keep improving your young boy dolls and advertise.  This is the only site I have ever seen a young boy doll of this quality.  Jamie is very lifelike and a joy to have and dress up.  DB USA. 


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